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Prepare for this winter’s impending snowfall by equipping your vehicle with a dependable snow plow. Gurney’s Automotive Repair is proud to be an authorized dealer for SnowDogg snow plows in Milford NH. Whether you have a light-duty or heavy-duty truck or a UTV, these plows are the ultimate solution for clearing snow efficiently. From their signature corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel moldboard blades to ample options for convenient hookups, SnowDogg plows are engineered to surpass your expectations. 

If you’ve been searching for a “SnowDogg dealer near me,” contact us today to find the right plow for your needs. 

Why Choose SnowDogg Plows?

Unparallelled Performance

Snow Dogg plows are designed to conquer the harshest winter conditions with ease. Equipped with robust frames, fully enclosed hydraulics, and municipal-style chain lift systems, these plows are engineered for enduring strength and longevity.

Adaptability at its Best

SnowDogg offers an extensive range of snow plows tailored to various applications. Whether you’re clearing narrow walkways, expansive driveways, compact parking lots, or sprawling campuses, there’s a plow designed to suit your needs.

V-Blades for Ultimate Flexibility

Contractors and professionals will appreciate the versatility of VXFII and VMDII V-blades. These blades allow for seamless transitions between straight blade mode, V position, and scoop configuration at the press of a button for efficient snow removal in tight spaces and heavy snow conditions.

Straight Blades for Every Truck Size

Snow Dogg caters to a diverse range of pickup truck sizes with its straight-blade plows. From half-ton trucks like Ford F-150, Silverado 1500, and RAM 1500, to larger models such as Ford F-250 and F-350+, Silverado 2500 and 3500+, and RAM 2500 and 3500+, you’ll find a straight blade that fits your truck perfectly.

Effortless RapidLink™ Attachment System

The MDII straight blade plow features the innovative RapidLink™ Attachment System, which allows you to mount or dismount the plow in less than a minute.

Revolutionary Tubular Steel Floating A-Frame™

A standout feature of SnowDogg snow plows is the cutting-edge tubular steel Floating A-Frame. This technology ensures exceptional snow-clearing performance by allowing the plow to maintain consistent ground contact for thorough and efficient scraping.

Outstanding Performance at Any Mounting Height

Snow Dogg snow plows are designed to offer exceptional performance, regardless of the mounting height of your vehicle.

Fleet Compatibility

The HDII, EXII, TEII, XP, and CM snow plows for larger trucks use the same vehicle mount to ensure maximum fleet compatibility. These plows are ideal for everything from small parking lots to expansive campuses.

Unbeatable Value

SnowDogg is dedicated to offering top-tier snow plows that combine outstanding performance with affordability–the ultimate value in snow-clearing solutions.

Snow Dogg Plows 2021 VMDII

Explore the complete SnowDogg plow lineup here
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Take Control of the Snow with SnowDogg Plows

Don’t let winter storms catch you off guard. Contact our authorized Snow Dogg snow plows dealership in Milford, NH, and let our knowledgeable team assist you in choosing the ideal plow for your needs. From V-Blades to Straight Blades, we offer the best snow plows on the market.

Call us today at 603-886-5800 or fill out our contact form to get started. Embrace winter with confidence, and never let the snow slow you down again!

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